A strong pillar of our design office is the development and the design of concepts for retail stores. We work in close collaboration with our clients. We understand the essence of retail, we see the wider context and we know where the bottlenecks are as well as the opportunities. We know how to successfully use these findings to develop a new concept.

To realize the goal our client wants to achieve we strive to find the best combination. Several elements such as the way customers perceive the space of a shop, the way they behave while shopping, the product mix, visual merchandising and signage, are combined with the appropriate choice of materials and ‘look and feel’.
We realize concepts that don’t impose restrictions, but, on the contrary, provide the optimum range for dynamics to work within the store. Our stores just work! Lastly, but not less important: we work fast and efficient.

Our design office has realized a wide range of notable stores, varying from local shops to international chains.